Working on Disney XD’s Kickin’ It!


This past week I got to work on Kickin’ it as a co-star! My character’s name was Lorie. It was such a fun character and amazing script-VERY FUNNY! I first auditioned for it about a week ago. I did two scenes for the audition and I loved every second of it! I prepared a lot for the audition I worked with my coach and spent a lot of time with the sides. After I auditioned we had gotten a call that I went to producers then to network and we had to wait for network to approve! They did a couple days later and it was the best thing ever! My mom and I were so excited we were jumping up and down! I went to set on Wednesday for a table read! I was lucky enough to know a lot of the cast already, so it made it very fun, and I got to meet the rest of the amazing cast and crew and read with everyone it was so much fun! I went back again Friday for a network run through in front of everyone who works for Disney and that was incredible! On Monday I shot all of my scenes. We got there and did school and then I went to hair and make-up and then wardrobe! I had the cutest clothes ever! Everyone on the set was so amazing to work with and it was such a dream come true! It is one of the best groups of people ever! I am so blessed and lucky! It was so good to see that hard work pays off!